Crossed Grain Symbol awarded to Silly Yak Pastry

Posted on: 12/8/2015

Gluten-free ready to roll pastry block, Silly Yak, has undergone rigorous testing by Coeliac UK and achieved 100 per cent gluten-free status.

This new licensing means that Silly Yak has approval to use the Crossed Grain logo on all product packaging, marketing, website, point of sales and promotions.

The Crossed Grain logo is a symbol that provides shoppers with a quick reference point when faced with uncertainty on the gluten status of a product. It saves people from reading through the back of every package, scanning ingredients to ensure it can be eaten without any health repercussions. The logo is internationally recognised by members of Coeliac UK, members of international coeliac organisations, non-coeliac but gluten-intolerant consumers and coeliacs who have to follow a strict gluten-free diet. It plays an important role in reassuring and influencing those making gluten-free brand choices.

Silly Yak Pastry Chef, Laurence Harris, commented on their gluten-free status saying: “We provided Coeliac UK with a certificate from a laboratory that confirmed that our pastry was legally gluten free with less than 10 parts per million. We are delighted to be associated with such a great organisation as Coeliac UK and we are very proud to have the Crossed Grain logo on our packaging.”

After launching their product at Tesco stores in April, Silly Yak has had overwhelming support for its pastry product with reviews of it being enjoyed by those suffering from coeliac disease, gluten allergies and those just seeking healthier alternatives. Pastry chefs Tom and Laurence have worked hard to ensure that Silly Yak is the perfect pastry, without any compromise on taste or aesthetic, retaining the lightness and flakiness of the pastry without any of the gluten.

Silly Yak’s gluten-free ready to roll pastry block can now be found included in the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory and on the Coeliac UK website under ‘Companies using the Crossed Grain symbol’. For more information visit